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Comic Book that Auctioned for the Most Money

The most expensive rare comic books are priced at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There’s a big price difference between old comics and new comics. While some new comics are expensive, they can’t compare in value or price to many older comics kept in good condition. Old comics in mint condition command a good price in brick and mortar comic book shops, or at comic book shops online.

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Comic books are usually fairly affordable, but when a comic book is rare, the price increases. Some rare comic books cost as much as $400,000 in auction.
Classic comic books are grouped into different categories depending on when they were released.
There is the Bronze Age, the Silver Age, and the Golden Age of comic books. For example the Silver Age Comic Books, which were priced at less than 20 cents when they were first released, focused on visionary comics. This period sparked the superhero genre. The Silver Age covers comic books published between 1956 and 1970.

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Comics which have been recently published are referred to as Modern-era comic books. Amazing Spider-Man #50 is one example of an iconic comic from the modern era.

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Comic books may attain classic status for different reasons. A comic book may be in demand as a classic because of which artist created the cover. Jim Lee and David Mazzucchelli have produced many excellent comic book covers, some of which have become classics.

David Mazzucchelli’s Batman #407 Cover- Image via Wikipedia

The most valuable comic book is Action Comics #1, which is currently valued at $470,000. This comic features Superman in his very first appearance and was released in 1938.

Superman’s Debut in Action Comics #1-Image via Wikipedia

If you have old comics that you have stored carefully which have been kept in mint condition, you can sell them online. It’s fairly easy to compare prices at the different comic book stores, or describe your entire comic book collection and offer it for sale.
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