Saturday, September 6, 2014

Colin Channer Books - Calabash International Literary Festival

Jamaican Writers such as Colin Channer have made their mark internationally. Author Colin Channer has had one success after another, but his acclaim as a writer has been earned over a number of years. Like many other celebrities in various fields of art, he is not an overnight success but a symbol of what consistent hard work can produce.

Colin Channer has inspired other Jamaican writers and he has helped many of them to gain a foothold on the worldwide market. Through the staging of the Calabash International Literary Festival, he made Jamaica and the world aware of budding writers who might otherwise have taken a much longer period of time to make an impact. The event brought these writers into the limelight and brought more attention to the field of writing, thereby encouraging young writers who might have hidden their light under a bushel.

Colin Channer is not only known for his writing. His editing has also helped him to make an impact on Jamaican writing today. No doubt, his writing has influenced the writing style of several young and upcoming novelists.

The Calabash International Literary Festival in Jamaica was the base of a writer’s workshop that produced the anthology, Iron Balloons: Hit Fiction. This collection of writing from Sharon Leach, Marlon James and other aspiring Jamaicans was prepared for publication by Colin Channer.

Waiting in Vain has won several awards, including the Critic’s Choice award, given by The Washington Post. Of course, Waiting in Vain is one of his most popular works to date. The following are just a few of the novels that Colin Channer is known for:
  • Passing Through
  • Satisfy my Soul
  • I’m Still Waiting
How will you know if Colin Channer’s work is for you? This writer is known for combining sensuality with the political affairs of the day. His writing also contains a fair amount of comedy. The author has said that he appreciates love stories and prefers writing them because he likes the idea of love. He is also a romantic at heart.